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The Most Essential Camping Equipment For Overnight Hikes

Overnight camping while hiking makes you plan a lot beforehand. There really are a lot of things you have to carry with your backpack, so that your night doesn’t becomes a camping and hiking nightmare, and rather stays in your memories of pleasing and joyful adventures.

The things you need to take along may vary highly though. It depends on many factors. Factors like you will be hiking alone or with partners, you will be hiking on a no-man’s land or close to human settlements, hiking in the wild or in a safe zone, hiking near waters through insect laden zones or dry land, the number of days you will be hiking, all matters in deciding the accessories and utilities to be carried.

Carrying too less items may be a serious problem. But then again carrying too many items which burdens your back heavily is also a big problem that interferes with your mobility, speed, and ability to enjoy the hike.


When you plan the clothes, always keep in mind the weather of the place you will be hiking through, temperature deviations you will be seeing during the hike and through the day. Carrying clothes that can be worn and taken off in layers is a good idea. Extra socks, gloves, sunglasses, lots of clean underwear are the essentials.

Enough shade and protection

You must carry some kind of tent or camp with you, so that you don’t have to sleep under the open sky. If the weather is cool you would need sleeping bags.


Hiking takes out a lot from you, and to replenish your system with fresh energy you must carry enough food items which have light weight, are rich in carbohydrates and protein, and have a long shelf life to stay good during your hike. Most importantly they should be mostly ready to eat, as you don’t know if you will get opportunities to cook or not.

Fresh water

Keep lots of fresh water supplies with you, or try to carry fuel to boil and distill water if no fresh water is available somewhere.

Other accessories

Besides all that some other items like medicines for emergencies like stomach upsets, cuts and injuries, fevers, painkillers and antibiotics etc are needed. Also you should carry insect and mosquito repellants, sanitizers for cleaning hands before eating, tools and tactical tomahawk for camping and cutting and self defense, and toiletry and hygiene supplies.

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