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The Logic Behind Golf Iron Numbering

Golf club numbers are intriguing for new golfers, who would certainly take interest in understanding the logic and arithmetic behind those. A thorough understanding of how are golf irons numbered would simplify the concept to the new golfers quite a lot in one go. And hence here is simple to understand guide on this.

Yes, golf clubs are called irons too, which you may take a little time to learn and realize as you slowly get introduced to the golf terminologies. There are basically three types of golf irons that you would find in a player’s tool kit- putter, iron, and wood.

Golf woods

The best rated fairway woods are used for the basic shots at first while starting for a hole. The shots played by these long range clubs are called Teeing off. Woods are used in second swings too. The heads in woods are circular and large, and the front is flat which is used to strike the golf ball. Th woods are numbered 3 and 5.

Golf irons

After Teeing off comes the use of irons. Their clubs heads which are extremely angular tell their identity. And the numbers of irons are the highest in any golfer’s kit. Numbers 3 to 9 are for the irons.

Golf putters

Small club head and shaft identifies a putter. They look like miniature clubs. And the numbering on a putter is 1.

How are golf irons numbered

Golf clubs are numbered on the basis of the loft. And the angle of the club face when changed to impact on the golf differently in different shots directly correlates to loft adjustment.

As the club number lowers, the loft number also lowers. And this means the angle of the club would be less intense. And this again directly means the distance travelled by the golf ball would be more and higher than the height it reaches.

When the loft number is higher, the golf club number is also higher accordingly, thus indicating more intense angle of the golf club face. Hence a shot played by such a club would reach the ball higher compared to distance travelled. And that’s how golf irons are numbered.

Further explained

A number 3 wood mean the ball will travel more distance whereas a number 5 wood would send the ball higher in air. A number 9 iron would send the ball very high on air and not a large distance whereas a number 2 iron would send the ball a long distance instead of sending any high on the air.

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