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The Best Safety Boots For All Round Utility

To work in tough conditions, stand all day long, handle heavy or dangerous machinery and equipment, you must have a nice pair f safety shoes or boots. The safety boots which are the best rated and reviewed positive are listed here.

  1. Timberland Pro Pit Boss

This boot is featured with steel toe, very good sole drip, excellent comfort and weather proofing. The tow box is roomy and airy enough and there is an anti-microbe lining, support for the mid sole, and a sock liner which is removable. The good thing about this boot is that it’s very affordable.

  1. Original Muckboots Chore

These boots are great for the farmers and gardeners and people, working in open land. The rubber outer is fully waterproof and gives nice protection. The heel is wide offering high stability, the shaft is tall, and the lining of the shoe is made breathable. What’s more is the boots can be kicked open without having to use hands when they are too dirty.

  1. Wolverine W02421 Raider

These safety boots are the most comfortable of all Wolverine boots with a tough built, flexible design, and the feel of sports shoes. The boots offers ankle protection, and the rubber sole is slip resistant and avoids abrasion on skin. Two technologies, Multishox and CountourWelt are integrated for added comfort and cushioning. The boots come in two versions, steel toed and soft toed. Besides, they look quite stylish and showy.

  1. Keen Utility Pittsburgh

These boots are specifically worker friendly boots with steel toes that are asymmetrical, and weatherproof with a tough built. The rubber sole is resistant to slip and oil and also resists from electrical shocks. Other features like reflective webbing, helps sustain standing and walking during long duty hours. The boots are amazingly light weight and the mid sole is dual density and molded for compression and is removable too.

  1. Thorogood 814-4200

These boots are one of the best in terms of style, comfort and quality. Features include all leather body, removable footbed, cushion wedge sole, comfort cushion in footbed, cotton breathable lining. The stitched sole in these boots can be repaired and hence they are highly durable. The outsoles are made slip and oil resistant, and the boots also have fiberglass shanks.

These are the top 5 safety boots that you may use and suit your needs as per your working style, job style, and working platform.

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