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Mesmerizing Scuba Diving Sites To Plan Your Next Vacation

Scuba diving is full of fun. You can enjoy dive as a solo traveler or with friends or family and whatever way you do this, you always embrace the pure joy of coming closest to untamed nature in the most tranquil way. Hence, here are revealed the best scuba diving vacation destinations in the world which you can definitely plan ahead.

The best scuba diving vacation destinations

  1. If you are interested in coral reefs, then the Red Sea at Egypt is one of the best places for discovering the beauty of coral reefs. There are spectacular diving sites at several places of the Red sea. And you will have more than 220 species of both hard and soft corals to find and explore here. Ras Mohammad National Park, the Brothers Island, Giftun Island, and Daedalus Reef are among the most famous locations for diving to watch great marine life, exotic fishes and colorful corals.
  2. Micronesia Chuuk Lagoon is one of the favorite spots in the world for scuba diving. This place is actually a nice site to explore ship wrecks, and wrecks of aircrafts etc which got destroyed during the period of Second World War. Japanese cargo ships, submarines, navy ships etc got wrecked there. Divers would love to see the still well maintained by nature wrecks of the old ships and lots of corals in the wreck site and around.
  3. Shark diving in South Africa at KwaZulu-Natal offers diving with guides and operators, who would keeps baits for the sharks to help you see the fishes from a very close distance. Bull sharks, sandtiger sharks, tiger sharks etc, all come here, and you would see them all. The hammerhead sharks are found at Protea Banks, where bull and tiger sharks are also common sightings. Simon’s Town, Gansbaai, and Mosel Bay offers cold water diving sites where cage diving is allowed.
  4. Lembeh Island at Indonesia is one of the best scuba diving vacation destinations for a rich Muck diving experience. This place is one fo the best muck diving places in the world. the dive site is full of small and minute critters which are as rare as they are colorful. Octopuses, frogfishes, seahorses all comes in huge variety here. You would also see crustaceans and nudibranchs. The most famous here are the cuttlefish and the blue ringed octopus.

These are the four best scuba diving vacation destinations in the world, which you should ideally not miss if you are a real water and nature lover.

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