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How A Dry Snorkel Works

The basic reason that people uses dry snorkels is to make breathing easy and hassle free while snorkeling. Snorkelers would swear by the comfort level dry snorkels offer. A dry snorkel is designed to keep the air passage totally dry, and free from water entry. Even if water by chance enters the air passage can get vacated again by a valve that gives exit to the water. If you want to know how does a dry snorkel work then read on the mechanism and its great benefits.

The basic mechanism

The basic mechanism behind a dry snorkel is that its valve controlled at the air inlet tube. The valve guards the opening of the tube so that when the snorkel is submerged under water then the valve closes the opening. This way both air and water passage inside the breathing tube is guarded and prevented. Again when the breathing tube opening emerges outside water then the valve automatically opens to allow the entry of air. That answers how does a dry snorkel work.

Firstly dry snorkels have a system to prevent entry of water in tube when the whole gear is under water. Secondly, even splashes of water from the water surface cannot enter the tube when the tube is near the surface, and this is prevented by a valve in the tube. A valve or hinge system present at the top of the tube makes this possible.

The Purge valve

To make things even more improvised there is a purge valve incorporated in the dry snorkel design. Purge valves help in keeping the breathing tube clear in case water by chance enters the tube. The valve helps in driving out the water from the tube. The purge valve works by simply letting the water exit as the driver exhales. While exhaling the water automatically is forced out of the tube as the purge vale only works in one direction being a one-way valve.


The requirement of a dry snorkeling device is really high when as a beginner or a pro snorkeler you would like to delve into marine life watching without having to think of many complex gears like oxygen cylinders, masks etc. A dry snorkeling gear is specially beneficial for beginners who would not want to gulp water or get messed up in any way. and that is why a rough idea of how does a dry snorkel work can help you use the gear much confidently.

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