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Best Golf Balls For Competitive Players

Golf players who have already started making a mark in the game and are creating some buzz will tell you how crucial the choice of balls is to them. Choosing the right golf ball is much important so that you feel the comfort of the game, take the excitement, and get the zeal to carry on in the most competitive situations. Hence, here are mentioned some of the best golf balls for competitive and advanced players. If you grab a few of them, you can really boast for a nice stock of the best balls in your kitty.

Titlelist ProV1

This ball is designed to fly consistently, and travel a long distance. It offers features such as lower spin in long games, a soft feeling, and remarkable control on drop-and-stop. Don’t worry about its high price because once you buy and use it, you would love every hit on it and would praise yourself to have bought the ball.

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TaylorMade Tour Preferred X

The specialty about this golf ball is its 5 layer make. When you hit it with the longer irons or a driver, then you would be stunned to see how exceptionally long flights it takes and traverses such long distances. It happens because it’s designed to spin low. A great way to balance the flight and distance of the ball is to use shorter wedges and irons with the expertise of a good player.

Callaway Chrome Soft X

This ball has a dual core with SoftFast core. The difference you would feel with this ball is a beautiful improvement in your shots as it travels with great speed while giving you a soft feel and traveling a very long distance easily. The ball has an advance design with a soft feel and delivers sharp flights and a great outer coat that helps regulate the spin.

Bridgestone Tour B330RX

This ball is special because it has a unique engineering that combines 105 mph swing speeds, and a soft core that is compressed for long distance flights. The mantle of the ball is made of SlipRes cover, and is patented and designed to give a very high performance. This ensures a less spin when hit by a driver.

Srixon Z Star

This ball undoubtedly is a performance enhancer for golfers to play the best possible shots with minimum efforts. The ball is crafted with such advance technology, and brought to such perfection and finish, that you would be happy to acquire and try one. It’s specifically a good choice for the lower handicappers.

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